PCD Full Form in Pharma Industry – Propaganda cum Distribution

PCD Full Form in Pharmaceutical Industry – PCD is a word which is used in various aspects. But, what it exactly means or what is the full form of PCD?

PCD Full Form – Propaganda cum Distribution


PCD Stands for

  1. Personal Career Development
  2. Procurement Control Document
  3. Postmortem Cesarean Delivery

Here, we are not talking about all these, as we’re working in the Pharma industry and we use this word a million times. So, in Pharma world PCD full form is ‘Propaganda Cum Distribution’, which is known as franchise marketing or business. Understanding the term franchise, it is a legal authority, right or permission given to a person or other company to sell their products on a 100% monopoly basis. The franchise is something that works according to the company’s rule.

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These days, Propaganda cum Distribution (PCD) is rapidly growing as it is the most future-focused industry. This pharma industry or PCD business has no end and is suggested by people around the globe.  Moreover, it gives great business opportunities, especially to a Pharma Company and the distributors. Both the parties work with a mutual understanding of the profits and business strategies.

Pharma Franchise Business is a vast business where Pharma Companies offer their products or formulations to the franchise partners and do not appoint full-time marketing representative as an employee. They directly work with pharma professionals who instigate their own sales and marketing business in a particular district, city or area on a monopoly basis. They are the main holders for a Pharma Company and play a vital role in Pharma Franchise as PCD.

If you have good relations with doctors and other medical associates then it would be very beneficial for you to get Pharma Franchise. There are several benefits associated with PCD company which includes:

  • 100% monopoly rights
  • Great profits
  • Low investment capital
  • Low-risk factor
  • Restriction on suppliers
  • Low administrative costs

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