What is Medical Representative and its Role and Responsibilities
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What is Medical Representative and its Role and Responsibilities

Medical representatives are the mediators who work both for pharmaceutical or medical companies and healthcare professionals. They hold a strong key link between them. In simple words, the meaning of Medical representative is a person appointed by a medical company who further develop a network with healthcare professionals in order to promote new products, deals with sales, offer advice, and inform the usage of products. Here are the role and responsibilities of Medical representatives in the PCD Pharma Franchise company.

What is Medical Representative and its Role and Responsibilities

A medical representative holds vast marketing knowledge with good communication skills, convincing power, and advanced marketing strategies. He is appointed for the sake of pharma companies so as their products can easily reach the industry specialists and can further be used by common people.

Who is or What is Medical Representative?

There is a list of questions lined up to understand a person known as a medical representative, and you already got the answer above in the first paragraph. He represents the medical products of the company in which he’s working in front of doctors, medical practitioners, hospitals and chemists to prescribe them to patients. They share their whole knowledge regarding the product; benefits, functions, importance and difference.

Role & Responsibilities of Medical Representative

The job role of a medical representative is really very hard and challenging. The importance of a brand is truly dependent on the shoulders of a medical representative. Each representative has given his own territory to manage the work and would be easy for them to build stronger bonds. Their job profile involves establishing and maintaining contact with the customers and meeting the targets at the end of the month.
Being the building blocks of a company, they lay a foundation that leads to the company’s growth.

Their role is crucial and put a great impact. Some of the responsibilities cover:

  • Identifying and meeting new customers like doctors, pharmacists
  • Achieving sales targets and maintaining records
  • Customer service and support
  • Developing regular interactions
  • Promoting new products and their offerings
  • Providing market feedback to the company

Exam Qualification for a Medical Representative

If you want to become a medical representative, you need to be a graduate at least. But, some categories are always preferred. Such as:

  •  A bachelor’s degree of four years in a related arena
  • Specialisation in Pharmacy, Marketing or Healthcare background
  • Training or course in the related field like health disorders and their remedies
  • Candidate with sales experience
  • Qualification in Business or Biosciences

Eligibility for a Medical Representative

A medical representative is a part of a pharma company or medical industry. The sales team is too big which includes the marketing hierarchy and product management team. The minimum qualification required for all the posts is graduation in pharmacy or science. Here is the preferred eligibility list defining designation, age, experience and qualification of the required individuals in the medical industry.

Questions Asked During a Medical Representative Interview

The interview is the main thing that helps you get started with this career. Many of you might fear the interview. However, there is nothing to fear about. The interview is just related to the knowledge you hold and your vision for the future. Here are some of the main questions that mostly every interviewer asked:

1. Why do you want to join this company?
2. How you are going to develop business potential?
3. What is your experience in pharma sales?
4. Why do you want to work as a medical sales representative after doing an MBA (or your specified qualification)?
5. What are your hobbies?
6. What should be your way to attract customers?
7. Why you choose it as a profession?
8. What is your salary expectation?
9. How would you assure that you won’t leave the job in the early phase?
10. Why should we hire you?

Skills Required as a Medical Representative

The person should possess an immeasurable personality to perform well. He should be bold to handle his responsibilities alone. Let’s discuss some of the essential skills:

1. Well-groomed
2. Polite and gentle
3. Good speaking, listening and learning skills
4. Dedicated and determined
5. Friendly nature
6. Analytical skills willingness to meet different people
7. Cope-up with adverse environments
8. Punctual
9. Should be able to travel to different places
10. Problem-solving
11. Be a proper guide
12. Handle competitor’s propaganda

Medical Representative Salary

You can start from a minimum of Rs 15,000 and the bar is limitless. But, the average salary is calculated as 25,000 Indian Rupees per month.

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