NPPA Full Form and DPCO Full Form with Objectives
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NPPA Full Form and DPCO Full Form with Objectives

What is NPPA Full Form and DPCO Full Form? Before this, know basic information about NPPA and DPCO. NPPA, National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority is an association of the Government of India which was built to fix/change the costs of bulk medications and to uphold costs and accessibility of the medicines in the nation, under the Drugs (Prices Control) Order, 1995. The association is additionally looking out for the way of recovering sums overcharged by manufacturers for the controlled drugs from the customers. Furthermore, it is also screening the costs of decontrolled medications to help them available at reasonable prices. NPPA recently released the latest DPCO in 2013 that has a list of 384 drugs.

NPPA Full Form and DPCO Full Form with Objectives


NPPA Full Form and DPCO Full Form

  • NPPA – National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority
  • DPCO – Drug Price Control Order


Drug Price Control Order (DPCO) is an order issued by the legislature under the “Fundamental Commodities Act” which empowers it to fix the costs of some necessary medications and their formulations. This order was introduced in 1970 by the government where limitations were placed for the first time on the profits of pharmaceutical organizations.

The main motive of DPCO is to guarantee the accessibility of necessary, life-saving and prophylactic drugs/medicines of good quality to be available at genuine costs. It is promoting the normal and meaningful utilization of the medications in the country to improve financially savvy production with economic sizes.

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Some pharma organizations began to expand the costs of their items to get the greatest ROI where it was putting a great effect on the normal user. When the Government knows that the pharmaceutical organizations are raising their costs of most selling products that it became difficult for the users to afford them, then it came into action. Because of this, the Drug Price Control Order or DPCO was introduced stating that the essential drug’s cost should be in control and affordable.


India is known as a branded generic market, which implies that the doctors recommend the brand of each medication to be devoured by patients, as opposed to the hidden plan. Regardless of the accessibility of moderate brands, specialists, much of the time recommend highly-priced driving brands. There are maximum numbers of patients who are not informed about less expensive substitutes. Sometimes, they go with the low-cost brands prescribed by their primary care physicians. Patients have a little alternative in the decision, making it important for the state to intercede and make basic medications open to the needy at sensible costs.

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